Our microblading treatments provide beautiful results

For those new to treatments for semi permanent eyebrows we aim to provided as much information below about our microblading procedures.

Microblading is a beauty service that falls within the heading of semi-permanent makeup. It requires specialist equipment and training, the results are beautiful, natural looking eyebrows that have been reshaped and/or filled in with fine individual hairs. While permanent makeup and cosmetic tattooing is done by machine, microblading is carried out using a special pen that draws tiny eyebrow hairs one by one.

Treatments for semi permanent eyebrows can help with:

  • Reshaping the eyebrow
  • Reconstructing over-plucked eyebrows
  • Redefining the eyebrow, particularly after injury or surgery
  • Producing a fuller eyebrow look
  • Adding body and colour to fair or blonde eyebrows
  • People sensitive skin or allergies to cosmetics and makeup
  • Anyone who loves swimming/outdoor sports and always want to look their best
  • People with poor eyesight and have problems applying makeup without glasses
  • Physical conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, arthritis or stroke survivors that prevent them from applying makeup

We offer a professional, safe microblading experience that’s carried out by one of our trained microblading professionals. You can relax knowing that at Microblading Eyebrows we use the most modern equipment in a comfortable sterile environment to ensure your experience is as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

The treatments offered for semi permanent eyebrows do not involve any invasive surgery or the need to have time off work for recovery.  Some people experience slight discomfort during the process, but as with all semi permanent makeup procedures a topical anaesthetic is applied to minimise any pain.

Side effects are minimal, some people experience slight tenderness on the brow for up to 72 hours after the treatment.

Please be advised that the pigment will be slightly darker initially, this will fade over a few days to provide the final desired look.

The semi permanent eyebrows process in brief

The success of your semi permanent eyebrows starts during your initial consultation with your microblading technician. Your technician will talk through each stage of the treatment and we recommend if you have a particular eyebrow shape or colour in mind to bring photographs with you. Your technician will discuss the options available to you based on their experience, the structure of your face and your ideas.

We understand the importance of getting your eyebrows perfect so after the shape and colour have been discuss your new eyebrow shape will be penciled in. Pencilling your new shape enables you to see how the finished result will look on you.  It’s important to view it from different angles, or take a photos to be sure it’s exactly right. Only when you’re happy with the penciled in shape will we start the microblading procedure.

Click to view the full microblading process

Microblading important note

Doctors often recommend microblading for people who cannot use regular cosmetics due to an allergic reaction. In very rare cases, someone may react to the pigment used during this semi-permanent makeup procedure, therefore we carry out a small patch 24 hours prior to the procedure.