Ombre Powder Brow Training Oxford


  • Course Price: £1,595 special offer, usual price £2,995 (includes VAT)

  • Course Finance: Available for this course. Contact us for further information.

  • Course Location: Oxford

  • Course Times: 9.30am to 6pm

  • Course Duration: 2 day training workshop and pre course home based online learning. Reattend the course at no additional cost.

  • Course Level: Level 4 | Associated Beauty Therapists and or Ofqual regulated qualification

  • Next Course Date: Contact us for course dates

Training Cost Monthly Earnings*
£2995 £1,595 sale price (includes VAT) £4,550

*Monthly treatments based on 3 treatments per week

Sale price for a limited time only – Secure your place with a £495 deposit

Treatments Per Week
3 6 9
Treatment Price
£350 £350 £350
Weekly Earnings
£1,050 £2,100 £3,150
Monthly Earnings
£4,550 £9,100 £13,650
Yearly Earnings
£54,600 £109,200 £163,800

Join us on our next Ombre brow training course in Oxford
and learn the art of amazing powder brows.

Learn the Ombre powder brow shading techniques that creates the perfect soft shaded brow pencil or powder brow look. If you love the look of Benefit cosmetic brows you’ll love doing Ombre brows on your clients.  Unlike microblading which creates strokes to mimic the look of hair, Ombre powder brows are created by using a technique that creates a pixelated powder look through depositing small dots of pigment into the skin.

This technique can be performed using a machine or manual tool. On this course you’ll be shown both methods and cover different shading techniques to help you on your journey to creating the perfect look for your clients; a real wow brow.

Ombre brows are great for a huge range of clients, from those with lots of brow hair to to those with very little or none. Those who want really defined brows and those who want a super natural look. Ombre is the perfect option for all skin types too, dry to oily skin and lasts for around 12 to 24 months.

By training with Microblading Eyebrows, we ensure your course is designed to provide you will all the technical skills, practical techniques, as well as hints, tips, guidance and advice to ensure you become a successful and talented technician.  Parts of what we teach cannot be found on other courses.

We’ve spent time creating a training course that will leave you feeling confident to start your journey. All of our courses allow you to come back and reattend the all or part of the course at no extra cost.

We also offer Ombre Powder Brow training courses in Essex, if this suits you better take a look at our Ombre course Essex.

If you’ve already trained in microblading or machine strokes you can create combination brows with this technique. Combination brows are a hybrid brow, a mix of microbladed strokes teamed with a powder effect. Check out our Ombre conversion course if you hold a microblading or semi-permanent make-up qualification.

Recent student reviews

Microblading Reviews

I have been on many beauty courses but this by far was the BEST!
From start to finish Danielle and Julia were very supportive.
I came on the course with very little confidence and I’m leaving ready to conquer the world. THANK YOU 🙂
Everything was wonderful.

Candiece, 10 out of 10 for course content and delivery

Microblading Reviews

I found the course very intense but with the guidance and support from my tutors it helped and made me at ease and take everything in. Nothing to improve, loved it, thanks to my tutors 🙂
Everything explained in detail.
Amazing support and guidance.

Courtney, 10 out of 10 for course content and delivery

Microblading Reviews

I have learned so much in just two days. It’s been fun, challenging and given me the confidence following lots and lots of constructive feedback.
Very good, intense, thorough

Sam, 10 out of 10 for course content and delivery

Microblading Reviews

The course was very intense but the extra support provided is very good.

Alex, 10 out of 10 for course content and delivery


Qualification No: 603/5293/0

Accredited Microblading Courses London Microblading Eyebrows

Qualified | Validated | Verified


Microblading Tattoo Infection Control Certificate

All students receive a Infection Prevention Control certificate as part of the course cost. 

Microblading Courses London Portal

Course Portal, Private Support Club
Ombre Brow Kit

Course students receive a Ombre brow kit (with or without machine) and access to our student portal containing detailed course and industry information, worksheets and more.

In addition, all students are provided with access to the private online student support club, a community where you can ask questions and find useful information before, during and after your training course.


Course Introduction

  • Course overview
  • About Ombre powder brow – history, what is Ombre
  • Student portal – documentation, videos and forum

Anatomy & Physiology

  • Facial structure/morphology; muscles, shape
  • Skin structure
  • Skin type
  • Skin conditions
  • Mobile – flooring, lighting, spacing, work area, safety, parking, wash facilities
  • Clinic/Salon – flooring, basins in the room, lighting, couch space, licence in place, parking, access lift/stairs, first aid

Health & Safety

Working conditions
  • Home clinic/salon – flooring, basin, toilet, lighting, privacy, client parking
  • Protecting yourself
  • Protecting your client
  • Personal presentation and hygiene
  • Working area
  • Equipment sterilisation
Pathogens & Blood Transmission
  • Disease overview
  • Disease control and safe practices
  • Infection overview
  • Infection control

Pre Treatment Process

  • Medical conditions
  • Medical procedure
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
Scratch/Patch Tests
  • Patch/scratch test overview, including 24 hour before treatment
  • Salon visits


  • Online and paper forms
  • Treatment consent forms
  • Pre procedure advice
  • Post procedure advice

Treatment Process

  • Treatment area set-up/sterilisation
  • Personal preparation
  • Health and safety
  • Treatment forms
  • Client preparation – antiseptic wipes, hair nets
  • Photos – how to take good photos (requirements and portfolio)
  • Numbing – before and during
  • Pigment colours
  • Brow shaping
  • Needle selection – manual and machine
  • Needle assembly – manual and machine
  • Ombre; including rubbing in

Brow Design & Shaping

  • Brow principles
  • Measuring and shaping
  • Creating the right shape for your client
  • Theory of colours
  • Standard pigment colours
  • Mixing pigment colours
  • Selecting the right pigment colour for your client
  • Correction work

Ombre Powder Shading Techniques

  • Incision Depth
  • Pressure on the skin
  • Stretching and pressure of the skin
  • Correct handling of the Ombre powder brow equipment
  • Shading techniques

Post Treatment Process

  • Top-up
  • Aftercare cream

Marketing Your Business

  • Pricing
  • Repeat clients
  • Where to market your business
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