Here at Microblading Eyebrows we’re delighted to announce we are looking for models at our microblading London clinic. Become a model for microblading treatment in London.

We already offer a model service at our microblading Brighton and Hove clinic and are happy to now be able to extend this offer to the London area. If you’re happy to document the process of your treatment from day one through to the healing process, we would like to hear from you. Find out how to be a microblading treatment model in Brighton.


What are the requirements to be a Microblading London model?

There are no particular requirements to be a microblading London model apart from you should be happy to take a daily diary with lots of clear close up photos/videos and write about how you felt before, during and after your microblading treatment and of course how your brows felt during the healing process. Your microblading diary will need to be submitted everyday for 10 days after your treatment date.

Please note you microblading diary maybe used on our website or in channels such as social media. Full names will never be displayed.

What will you receive in return for being a Microblading London Model?

Our microblading London models can book their treatment at the reduced price of £150, a 50% discounted from the £300 full priced microblading treatment. To book your microblading London model treatment, please contact us.

Your treatment will consist of a microblading treatment and top up appointment. The top up appointment can not be carried out within 4 weeks of the microblading treatment date.

The microblading appointments last approximately one and a half to two and a half hours. You will be asked to arrive at the clinic 15 minutes before your microblading treatment and top up appointment, this is to allow a numbing cream to be applied to your brows.  Top up appointments take around 30 minutes.

When you book your microblading treatment further information will be sent to you about the treatment and what to expect.

Did you know we also provide microblading training courses in the UK?