About Microblading Eyebrows

Welcome to Microblading Eyebrows, we pride ourselves on offering a safe, professional eyebrow microblading service that meets the most strident standards of safety, health and hygiene. You can relax in the knowledge that all our organic pigments and equipment comply with the latest international cosmetology and medical requirements to ensure your complete safety and satisfaction with our microblading services.

Specialists in Microblading Eyebrows

We appreciate you’re putting your trust in us, as our many happy clients have done so in the past. Using a microblading eyebrows specialist has many benefits and we pride ourselves on our focus on brows.

Microblading is a bespoke beauty treatment which is sometimes referred to as eyebrow embroidery, microstroking, brow blading, eyebrow feathering and epibrow. This treatment requires a special microblading pen to draw fine eyebrows, hair by hair, rather than a bold solid line of colour. The result is a natural look to enhance your eyes and face.

We are passionate about brows, the art of eyebrow design and microblading and we’re happy to answer your questions and help set you at ease during your initial consultation. As this is a semi-permanent makeup service designed to last for 12 to 18 months, we take the time to get it absolutely right.

We schedule plenty of time to listen to you and we’ll discuss eyebrow shapes, colours, your features and what would suit you. We will also go through exactly what you can expect from microblading treatment and how to care for your brows.

Everyone is different and we take care to ensure your brows enhance your facial features.

Our microblading eyebrows services can:

  • Reshape and define eyebrows
  • Reconstruct over-plucked or sparse eyebrows
  • Fill in gaps in eyebrows
  • Darken blonde eyebrows to give a more defined natural look
  • Create brows for alopecia sufferers
  • Create brows after hair lose through chemotherapy or similar
  • Touch up from a previous brow treatment, permanent or semi permanent
  • Restore the appearance of natural looking brows

You too can have perfectly sculpted eyebrows, when you look in the mirror you will see the amazing transformation that microblading offers.